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Mural covers a variety of techniques including fresco, encaustic, mosaic, stained glass and photography. The type of mural of most interest to contemporary artists is either painting on canvas, which is then attached to a wall or painting directly on the wall surface itself.

The surface to be painted and the environmental exposure of that surface are important aspects to consider for selecting the right type of paint, there are even glowing paint you can find in these glow in the dark paint reviews. The technique and painting style of the artist must also be included. No paint can withstand all environmental conditions such as sun, rain, cold, heat, acid rain and air pollution. Acrylic water emulsion paints however, have proven themselves to be one of the most durable paints available for exterior as well as interior mural painting.

Liquitex is the original artist’s acrylic emulsion paint. It offers the advantages of a wide range of unique permanent colors, great versatility in mediums, clear resin system, superior adhesion and detailed label information.

Refer to Part I Liquitex Professional Grade Acrylic Paint Section for additional information on advantages in mural painting.

Liquitex makes two types of acrylic paint suitable for murals:

Professional Grade Medium Viscosity Concentrated Artist Color
Professional Grade High Viscosity Artists Color.
Professional Grade Medium Viscosity Concentrated Artist Color
Consistency similar to heavy cream. Can be spray applied.
Dries to a smooth, even surface with good leveling that shows little brush marks.
Pigment load is equal to High Viscosity Artist
Colors and is ideal for large mural coverage.
Flat paint film catches less dirt and requires less cleaning over time.
Professional Grade High Viscosity Acrylic Colors
Heavy-bodied paints have a smooth thick buttery consistency and oil-like performance.
Used in mural applications for a heavy build up of paint texture (impasto) and brush stroke.
Medium Viscosity Concentrated Artist Color will cover approximately 400 sq.ft./gallon.

Coverage is reduced on a rough surface. Coverage is extended when paint is spray applied.
To double paint coverage of either Medium or High Viscosity Acrylic, mix 1 part Acrylic Color to 1 part Liquitex Opaque Extender or Gel Extender Medium.
Use these mixtures during underpainting of murals to economically double the volume of paint. For best permanence, the top layers of the mural should be painted using Lightfastness I rated colors with no Opaque Extender added.


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