Michael Ritzmann alias “Dr. Molrok” was born in 1982 in Erfurt and matriculated after high school at the University of Erfurt in philosophy , psychology and educational sciences in.however, the study broke off in 2006 to the benefit of his artwork.

Originally emerged from the graffiti scene, he autodidactical works with a variety of artistic media. In addition to classical painting, the construction of display cases, enamel, sculpture , photography , fine printing, design , gold and silver-smithing and the realization of expansive installations, the artist has turned his focus on big mural-pieces on large facades including abandoned industrial places and cooperative projects with schools and cities.

Exhibitions and awards (selection)
2004 “ cons – 3.14159265 -ra- tief,“ Colegium maius / Old University of Erfurt
2005 “ enamel“ Golden Krönbacken / Erfurt
2005 International Convention enamel Artforum “ auction markets otto hetzter” Weimar
2006 Personal Exhibition City-Hall-Gallery Erfurt, artist at „Art in the City Festival “
2008 “ Fusion Festival “ area design
2009 pavilion of the castle of Coburg , Certificate of Cidae
2010 Large Installation – Museums at night,Erfurt
2011 Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2012 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Kunsthalle Weimar, „Ruhr Biennale 2012″
2013, “ museums@night stuttgart“ – Stuttgart                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                2014 „swing hail“ -Galerie Waidspeicher/Erfurt ,“IBUG-2014″, „Die alte Leier“-Heizwerk/Erfurt

2015 -„500th -anniversary -tribute exibition Hieronymus Bosh“/ museum voor vlakglas-Ravenstein/NL „Ostrale“/ Dresde- „in your face“/ Augsburg


Collection of Erfurt
Collection of Mainz
Collection of the Diocese of Trier

Literature / Publications (selection)
The 44th International exhibition enamelling artist association of japan catalog , Tokyo, Japan 2011
Melted structures; exhibition catalog of the gallery Neosyne , Trier ,D 2011 , ISSN 2192-8401
International Biennial of émaux d‘ art du plessis pâté 2011
The 46th International exhibition of japan enamelling artist association catalog Tokyo, Japan 2012
„homo Lundes “ Ruhr Biennale 2012 catalog

Ostrale´15 Katalog , Dresden , Deutschland 2015



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